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Height 178cm
Weight 66kg
Eyes Black
air NIL

Chest NA
Waist NA
Hips NA
Shoes EU 43

Government activities: Ministers of the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Sports, Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Communications, Ministry of Transport, National Library, Ministry of Manpower, Singapore Civil Defence Force and Singapore Army danced with senior military officers, two MRT companies in Singapore, Central The president of the hospital and the president of China Commercial Industry also danced and held activities together.


Representative large-scale commercial promotion activities: Shopee 11.11 large-scale promotion activities (inviting Jackie Chan in 2021), HSBC HSBC promotion activities, Eu Yan Sang promotion activities, Singapore's largest real estate agency PROPNEX Singapore promotion activities, AIC large-scale series of activities, TCL TV promotion activities.


Representative film and television variety show performances: Invited to participate in the "Let's Go, Shining You" variety show entertainment program jointly sponsored by ByteDance and Beijing Radio and Television. Participating actors include Qin Xiaoxian, Li Xueqin, Chen Chusheng, Meng Jia, Wang Lexin, Zhang Yuan, Li Sidani. Film performance in the Lunar New Year film "The King of Musang" directed by Tony Leung Chi-keung; Weibo Entertainment performance. There are a large number of articles and video reports in major media such as Google, YouTube, Facebook, Mothership, Mediacorp, CNA, and Today online.

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