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ADSBOX - where creativity meets opportunity, and dreams find their stage. Established in 2018, we stand proudly as a leading artiste management, media agency, and academy with a mission to redefine the landscape of the entertainment industry.

Artiste & Talent Management Excellence:

At the core of ADSBOX is our unparalleled artiste and talent management division. With deep-rooted connections to media and broadcast networks in Singapore and Malaysia, we've cultivated a robust talent database of more than 3000 individuals, each a unique gem ready to shine in the spotlight.

Diverse Expertise:

As a multifaceted entity, ADSBOX excels not only in talent management but also in event production, artiste management, and media education through our esteemed Media Academy.

Media Academy - Shaping Future Stars:

Our commitment to nurturing the next generation of media professionals led to the inception of the ADSBOX Media Academy. Here, we offer comprehensive courses for those eager to enhance their skills in Acting, Streaming, and Hosting.

  • TV Acting (Drama/Movie): Immerse yourself in the world of on-screen performance with our expert-led courses that cover the intricacies of TV acting, be it in drama or film.

  • Live Streaming (Creating Videos, Editing, Hosting): Master the art of live streaming with our courses designed to equip you with the skills needed for creating captivating videos, seamless editing, and engaging hosting.

  • Hosting Gigs/Events: Uncover the secrets to becoming an exceptional host with our courses tailored to enhance your hosting capabilities for gigs and events.


At ADSBOX, we don't just manage talent; we cultivate it. Join us on a journey where passion meets opportunity, and where the spotlight is ready to illuminate your unique abilities. We are not just a company; we are a community committed to making dreams come alive in the world of media and entertainment.

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