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Message from Jason


Mr Jason Sim, a veteran actor with MediaCorp, is passionate about all aspects of acting. For him acting transcends medium. An actor is like a mirror, reflecting all aspects of life and characteristics that can be found within ourselves. At its best, it tugs at the heart strings and even help us recall a feeling that we had long forgotten. Despite being in and out of the industry all these years, Mr Jason’s passion for acting never subsided.

However, Jason’s first foray into the entertainment industry started out surprisingly not with acting, but with singing as a much-needed hobby during his free time while serving his National Service. Jason then went on to win many karaoke competitions throughout his youth and within a year, singing became a career and he taught at both “TinyBox Music” for a year, and “Focus Music” for 1.5 years.

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During the same period Jason had also tried his hand at recording demos, and it was at this time when he met famous singer & songwriter Mr Roy Li Fey Huei. Despite Jason’s relatively short stint at professional singing, they kept in touch and remain close friends till this day.


Jason first gave professional acting and stardom a shot at 20 years old by joining MediaCorp’s Star Search, but his hopes were dashed this first time as he did not advance to the finals. With this initial setback, Jason had to put his dreams aside for the time being, he adopted a pragmatic approach by prioritising on earning a living wage, working as a Sales representative in a MNC for 3.5 years.

Throughout this time his gung-ho attitude meant that he kept his dreams alive, even while working the full-time job he remained actively involved in media circles and learned from each acting job. Eventually, he moved on to other work opportunities and even pursued a property agent career, gaining the financial capability to start ADSBOX.


The role of Jason’s tumultuous journey in life was not obvious to him at first but  became more apparent as he began to become more active in his acting career. There were no wasted endeavours, all experiences gained through the years gave him incredible insight to emotions, imagination and helped him hone his acting skills to the next level. Since Jason Sim’s return to the acting industry, he has appeared for parts in Mediacorp Channel 8’s long-life TV series, “118” while managing his talent agency, ADSBOX.

Jason believes in giving back to society, he is currently in talks with the Peoples’ Association to conduct FREE Acting Crash Course for the elderly which will be 2-day or 4-day course where students can learn something new, and also make new friends and network at the same time. Who knows, they might even become a superstar like China’s Deshun Wang who walked his first catwalk at 79.

Mr Jason Sim hopes to impart these values to his students & talents: To always remain humble and persevere in the often cut-throat nature of the media & acting industry. 

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