ADSBOX Media Acadamy is not your typical acting academy, we offer various dynamic & fresh acting courses for all ages.

Students who graduate from ADSBOX Acting Course can also look forward to being offered acting gigs and roles. We are proud to have more than 250 students graduate from our various courses to date.

Our current best-selling courses are the ADSBOX Acting Course and ADSBOX Kids’ Mandarin Speech and Drama Course. Both courses are conducted over a span of 12 & 10 weeks respectively.



focuses on getting children to learn Mandarin through fun & exciting classes with music & rhythm! Some highlights of this course are:

• Enhancing your child’s Focus
• Training your child to be Independent
• Improving your child’s Communication Skills
• Strengthening their speech in Mandarin Language
• Learning to read acting scripts
• Appreciating the art of changing facial expressions
• Understanding the importance of Teamwork through Acting
• Learning to express their emotions through tonal language & body

This course is suitable for children ages 5 to 12. Conducted by their veteran speech & drama actor, Director & Producer Lee Mei Lian, many children have benefitted from the course.

More details can be found on our Facebook page.



is designed for all entry level actors and actresses who are passionate about acting. In order to provide more personal attention for each individual student-actor and preserve the overall quality of experience in each course, sign-ups are limited to an average of 10 students per course.Here is some of the outline of the curriculum:

• Role preparation

• Importance of body language, gestures & facial expressions

• Understanding the current media trends & demands

• Understanding the “Magic” of camera lens

• Script reading techniques

• Techniques on delivering dialogues

• Etiquette and professionalism as an actor or actress

• Priorities when interpreting an act

• Learning to act solo, in pairs or in groups

• Acting with VIP or experienced actors and actresses

• Examination and Review


ADSBOX also has a course for Emcee and Hosting. This course consists of 8 lessons and is conducted by a celebrity emcee.

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