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Height 171cm
Weight 70kg
Eyes Black
air Blonde

Chest 39"
Waist 38"
Hips 32
Shoes UK 8.5

Mr Jason Sim, a veteran actor with MediaCorp, had always found acting fascinating yet it was not his first choice of a career.

While still in his teens, Mr Jason was so passionate about singing that learnt it whenever he got a day-off while still serving his National Service. After a year of learning, he taught in “TinyBox Music” for a year and “Focus Music” for another 1 and a half years. Around this time, he tried his hand at recording DEMOS. This was where he met Mr Roy Li Fey Huei, famous songwriter and singer. Despite the short stint at singing, they kept in touch and remained friends up to this day. Mr Jason went on to win many karaoke competitions throughout his youth.

Giving his shot at stardom by joining MediaCorp’s Star Search at 20 years old, Mr Jason’s hopes were dashed as he did not advance to the finals. Despite his setback, his gung-ho attitude did not deter him from shelving his dreams to pursue them later.

Coming from a humble background, Mr Jason has a practical approach to life. Earning a living for himself was still a priority. Mr Jason tried working at a full-time job as a Sales representative in a MNC for 3 and a half years. He remained actively involved and learning from media jobs while working his full full-time job. Eventually, he moved on to other work opportunities and even got his license as a Property agent to gain more financial stability to start ADSBOX.

The role of his tumultuous journey in life was not obvious to Mr Jason at first. It became more apparent when he began to be more active in his acting career again. There were no wasted endeavours. All his experiences gained through the years gave him incredible insight to emotions, imagination and helped him hone his acting skills to the next level. Since his return to the acting industry, Mr Jason has appeared for parts in Channel 8’s long-life TV series, “118” while running his talent agency, ADSBOX.

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