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Height 173cm
Weight 63kg
Eyes Dark Brown
air Black

Chest 33"
Waist 30"
Hips 35.5"
Shoes US10

Shopavision's Live Host Search 2021 - Top 20
Hyperlive Rising Star Challenge 2022 - Most Promising Influencer

Gordrick seamlessly weaves together the realms of emceeing, live-streaming, singing, acting and modelling, leaving an indelible mark on the media industry. Born with a passion for captivating audiences, Gordrick embarked on his journey in 2015, riding the wave of the burgeoning livestream phenomenon that swept through Singapore.


As an emcee, Gordrick possesses a magnetic stage presence and an innate ability to connect with his audience. His energy and charisma have made him a  host for a myriad of events, from corporate launches to government supported events. In the virtual realm, Gordrick's live-streaming prowess became evident early on, establishing him as one of the pioneer live-streamers in Singapore.


Not content with confining himself to the virtual world, Gordrick set his sights on the silver screen. Venturing into acting in recent year, he embraces the challenge of embodying diverse characters and exploring the depths of storytelling. Whether on stage, screen, or livestream, Gordrick's versatility shines through, earning him accolades for his ability to seamlessly transition between roles.


Beyond his performances, Gordrick is a perpetual learner, always hungry for new opportunities to grow within the ever-evolving media industry. His dedication to honing his craft and staying abreast of emerging trends reflects his commitment to pushing boundaries and breaking new ground.


In the pulsating heartbeat of the entertainment scene, Gordrick stands as a testament to the power of passion and versatility. Eager to explore uncharted territories and embrace the next exciting challenge, Gordrick's journey is a captivating narrative of a true artist who continues to evolve, inspire, and leave an indelible imprint on the entertainment scene.

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