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Height 155cm
Weight 46kg
Eyes Dark Brown
air Blonde

Chest 34"
Waist 25"
Hips 34"
Shoes EU 34

Hyperlive Rising Star Challenge 2022 - 1st Runner Up
AwardShopavision's Live Host Search 2021 - Top 10

Shining bright like glitter and effervescent as champagne, Cindy is not only a talented bilingual emcee and actress but also a skilled nail artiste who owns Cin City Nails.


Fluent in both English and Mandarin, she effortlessly switches between languages, captivating audiences with her charm and bubbly character.

Beyond her linguistic prowess, Cindy infuses every event with a delightful blend of fun and laughter. Her wit and humor add a distinctive touch, making each occasion she hosts truly special. Cindy's versatility shines through as she seamlessly transitions between cute and formal, adapting to various settings with ease.

Interacting with guests is Cindy's forte, as she creates a comfortable atmosphere and elevates the energy of any event, whether it's a corporate gathering or a lively celebration. Cindy's unique ability to make every moment unforgettable makes her the perfect choice for hosting events.


Brace yourself for an exceptional experience with Cindy as your emcee, as she possesses the talent to transform ordinary moments into extraordinary memories. Her infectious energy and magnetic personality will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression, ensuring your event is a standout success.

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