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Who Are We?

A group of young and experienced team working together to explore novel ways of welcoming the future of the media and entertainment industry. We have worked with various clients from various industries; with their trust and love we have excelled for more than 10 years in this industry. 

ADSBOX talent management firm has direct contacts with various media & broadcast networks in both Singapore and Malaysia and we currently represent more than 1000 talents throughout Singapore and Malaysia. ADSBOX promotes equal opportunity for all our students & talents and we do not believe in discrimination. Jobs and roles are offered to all students & talents based on a fair assessment of their suitability.

What we do?

We currently have a team of multi-talented in-house artists who are keen to learn and explore new talents to complement client requirements. Creating customised events to clients’ needs and wants, we have been the go-to team for businesses for years. We keep your market presence strong with our youthful adrenaline.

Looking forward, as we believe that the next generation is to be nurtured to excellence, we have Academy classes for acting, emcee-ing as well as speech and drama. We are evolving into a school soon so do look forward to that with us.

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