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Our dynamic team, comprising both young talents and seasoned professionals, collaborates seamlessly to pioneer innovative approaches that define the future of the media and entertainment industry. With over a decade of excellence, we have garnered trust and appreciation from clients across diverse sectors.

At ADSBOX, our talent management firm boasts direct connections with numerous media and broadcast networks in Singapore and Malaysia. Currently, we proudly represent a roster of over 3000 talents, reflecting our commitment to fostering diversity and providing equal opportunities. We firmly reject any form of discrimination and, instead, embrace a fair and comprehensive assessment of suitability when offering roles to our students and talents.


Join us in shaping the future of media and entertainment, where opportunities are abundant, and talent knows no bounds. ADSBOX is not just a talent management firm; it's a platform where creativity thrives, and dreams take center stage.


Embrace a world of creativity with our versatile in-house artists, a team driven by a passion for learning and an eagerness to explore new talents that perfectly complement our clients' requirements. Crafting customized events tailored to your needs and desires, we've proudly served as the go-to team for businesses for several years, ensuring your market presence remains vibrant and impactful, fueled by our youthful adrenaline.

As we gaze into the future, we hold a steadfast belief that nurturing the next generation is the key to achieving excellence. To make this vision a reality, we offer Academy classes covering acting, emcee-ing, and speech and drama. Our commitment to education doesn't stop there – excitingly, we are evolving into a full-fledged school in the near future.


Stay tuned for this transformation, as we continue to shape the creative landscape and invite you to grow and learn with us.

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